About me

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I graduated NYU in 1984 with a degree in Journalism and Comparative Literature. I quickly transitioned from writing into photography after publishing a few articles where I did both for Skiing Magazine. By 1986 I worked at a news photo agency and started assisting and shooting professionally working on assignment for trade magazines and consumer magazines such as Forbes, Newsweek, Parenting, Long Island Monthly, NJ Success, Sports Illustrated. In the early 90's I transitioned into Wedding Photography as one of the early practitioners of wedding photojournalism, breaking all of the conventions of established studios, working in 35mm film format and shooting a lot of Black and White. I was locally influential in developing the style and the look of contemporary wedding photography and early web site presentation and was frequently published in Wedding Magazines such as Modern Bride, NJ Bride and TheKnot. For the next 15 years I pretty much photographed weddings exclusively, with much success shooting an average of 50 per year!
Starting around 2009 I began accepting commercial work again and by 2011 I stopped advertising or promoting myself in the Wedding field winding down all my booking in 2014. By this time I had a well established commercial client base mostly in the Hudson County NJ area and mostly working for Schools and Colleges directly or through PR firms; Including Xavier, St Peters University and Stevens Institute of Technology. Other clients included Coca Cola, NYSE, Rising Tide, PPG.
Currently I do about 70% of my work for Stevens Institute of Technology, free-lancing for many of their Departments including Marketing and Communications, Alumni Events and Magazine, Performing Arts and Athletics. I also work regularly Felician College as well a local PR firms, Environmental Clean Up, Real Estate Magazines.
I am married with two adult children. My hobbies are skiing and yoga. I am also a practicing, certified Dharma Yoga Instructor and teach a couple of classes a week.
My Approach
I prioritize understanding my clients needs, getting the information I need for a successful shoot and often advising clients on how to prepare to get the best results (if they need help) I consider my style to be naturalistic and well lit. Accomplishing this by referencing years of experience to get the best results out of a given situation. I am equally adept at replicating a desired style and following precise instructions to meet design guidelines. For events, I pride myself on getting to know all VIP's and guests and collecting information from them and my client to effectively represent the people and moments that are most relevant to the client.
I feel I work fast, mostly without assistants, using a variety of easy to move kits customized for the assignments' budget and the intensity of the days shoot list. I work well with videographers and can recommend someone if you need photo and video coverage.
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